Obtained from Big Sealed Rune. Must be unsealed at the crafter

Variants: Lesser Luck Rune | Common Luck Rune | Higher Luck Rune
Flawless _Luck_Rune.jpg Weapon-Icon.jpg
Attribute Scale +4%

Equipment Capacity +6.00

Block Energy Loss +9%

    • Blast Gauntlet: Knocks down enemies dealing minor damage. For enemies killed with it, the next spell won't consume Magic.

    • Projectile Gauntlet: Increased change of dropping loot by hurting or killing enemies.

    • Explosive Gauntlet: Distracts the target, dealing damage more effectively.


  • This is the highest quality for this rune.

    • 22 Feb 2017 10:16  

      I'm in NG++ and have one 1 so far. Just been unlucky I guess but I think I will cheese it like most people by reloading if I don't get one when crafting. Anyone else doing this?

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