After the War

after_the_war-new_disciple_small.jpg New Disciple

After the war we buried our dead and mourned them. We were battered and beaten, and it took its toll on us. But it was also a new beginning. the Judges showed us the path. As their heirs it is our duty to rebuild this society. I will gladly accept the burden of becoming the new Judge, a guardian of humanity.
Location:In the Citadel. In the Lost Brothers boss battle area. (Might need to pick up before the battle, after the Champion boss fight)

after_the_war-judge_disciple_small.jpg Judge Disciple

In the names of the Judges we will make this world whole again, without the influence of Adyr. It will be a life free from divine oppression. By this we will honor those who died in the fight that freed us from Adyr.
Location: In the Citadel, before the door to the beast boss fight.

after_the_war-old_priest_small.jpg Old Priest

They are like children. They think they shook off the shackles of oppression. But they are nothing more than lost souls. Every single one of them. Soon they will realize that they are a lone. That they are helpless. They will be lying in the streets, starving, wishing Adyr was still here to take care of them.
Location: In the Citadel. Up the double staircase in the first room on the left.

after_the_war-angry_priest_small.jpg Angry Priest

There is one heresy that can never be forgiven and that is defying your true God. this sin is eternal and will haunt generations to come. Our children and their children will curse us, for they are the ones who will continue to suffer because of our grave mistakes.
Location: In the Citadel. After you confirm with the Captain that all the Rhogar are dead. Straight ahead.

after_the_war-the_rebel_small.jpg The Rebel

The war is won! This will shape history. Man has killed a God. Adyr will not mess with our fate anymore. His followers, having realized the defeat of their idol, scrambles into the shadows, like cockroaches when you lift a stone from the ground. now it is on to smash these very stones on their heads. Our time has come.
Location: In the Citadel. After you confirm with the Captain that all the Rhogar are dead. In the first room on the left.

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