The Ancient Labyrinth is a DLC expansion for Lords of the Fallen which adds a new sub-level, called the Library, for you to search. The DLC contains about one hour of gameplay (one new boss and one new zone). As the title suggests, it's a three-tiered circle maze where you can rotate each of the maze circles via control levers.

Video Trailer


How to access the DLC

After the DLC has been installed a warning will pop on the screen informing you thatnow you have access to the bonus content. Then the next time you'll speak to the Crafter he will start a dialogue about a new place he has descovered, and from that point onwards he can meke you travel back and forth between the two worlds.

New Zones


New Bosses


New Weapons


New Armor


New Lore

  • The Little Things
  • Initiation
  • First Anxietes
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??



lotf_skeleton_enemies_small.jpg lotf_ancient_labyrinth_small.jpg lotf_ancient_labyrinth_landscape_small.jpg lotf_ancient_labyrinth_boss_small.jpg

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    • 19 Mar 2021 00:19  

      how do you even parry the ghostly skeletons along your way to the keeper >.> can they even be parried ? also, is it normal that my full heavy armor set is still not enough to not get one-shotted by those skeletons combos ? i used the lord armor and i get 1 shotted or 2 shotted by those skeletons. if anyone knows how to parry lemme know, this is driving me crazy.

      • Anonymous

        lord of the fallen or bound by flame11 Jul 2016 17:46  

        which one is better i want to try lord of fallen. r they = or is one harder then the other

        • Anonymous

          Where can you find the Labyrinth?11 Jul 2016 17:46  

          My husband is on his second play through after beating it. He is now in Game+ mode and has waited for this DLC to come out. He can't find where to get into the labyrinth. I read on here that you defeat the beast and then talk to the crafter. Does he have to beat the game again in order to access the DLC since he went back and started a game on game plus?

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