Location Keystone Monastery
HP 1185
Experience awarded 15000

The Annihilator is a Boss you face in Lords of the Fallen.



 Annihilator Information

The Annihilator is the last Rhogar Lord in Lords of the Fallen. There are three ways to find him, and you need to go by 2 of them to use the lever which gives you access to another quest and final lord fight. 
1st one is to kill a boss called Guardian and then wreck everything in the maze to find the lever. 
2nd one is when you had a checkpoint just near the cave with the spiders and pitfalls. 
3rd one is after Infiltrator fight. You will have a big doors which opens a part of quest. 
From 2nd and 3rd you can get to a 2nd lever and you can access Annihilator from there. 



      Strategy For The Annihilator

The simplest way to defeat this boss is by standing back at medium distance and waiting for his "Hammer Throw" animation. Roll out of the way just before the projectile leaves him and you'll about dodge it in time. You can now run in and perform a 2-handed heavy jumping attack and a quick hit, then close of with a projectile from your Gauntlet. 
As the boss reaches half its health, "Lightning Ray" will happen, which will mean you must run quite far away from him to not take damage. It would be wise to use your projectile from a distance if you don't have time to move in and don't want the fight to drag on 



Attacks For The Annihilator

Attack Name Attack Description
Hammer throw Annihilator throws his hammer towards you, then waits for it to comeback. Really slow attack, you will have a lot of time to hit him meanwhile.
Horizontal slash. One handed slash, can have up to two moves if you stand too close once he ends the first.
His favorite combo. Overhead two handed vertical hit, he then drags his hammer backwards only to come back toward you with a "uppercut" style hit and followed by a final overhead ground smash. Note that dragging his hammer around hurts you, and you can dodge the last hit by simply strafing around him.
Lightning Ray. He'll start looking weirdly at his hammer and glow green, then he'll emit a huge AoE explosion that will stun you if you stand in it and starts firing a lightning ray at you, avoid this by turning your character around so he dosnt face him. If the ray hits you you'll be shocked and unable to move until it's over.



Drops For Annihilator

  •  Lightning Hammer
  • Experience awarded: 15000 



Notes and Trivia For Annihilator

  • ???



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    • You have to deliver the final hit with a lightning weapon to obtain the Orange version of LIghtning.
      However, you can use a non-lightning weapon for the fight, as long as you switch to a lightning weapon for the final strike

      • Anonymous

        He only stuns if you're facing him at the moment of explosion, regardless of where you're standing. You can easily verify it by just turning away (the character, not the camera) and it does nothing. Don't forget to run away from the beam afterwards though ;p

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