Location Keystone Monastery
HP ????
Experience awarded 7000

The Beast is a Boss you face in Lords of the Fallen.



 Beast Information

Found in the Square of the Heroes in the Monastery, this boss has several varied attacks with a long reach. He often summons enemies to aid him in battle. He is marked as MapScrollIcon_small.png 10 in the map below 



      Strategy For The Beast

Attack his legs until the yellow bar is full, he will then fall over so his head is exposed. Attack his head when he is down for massive damage 




Attacks For The Beast

Attack Name Attack Description
Spit Poison  
Front Sweep



Drops For Beast

  • Stain (Hammer) & Sealed Big Rune
  • Experience awarded: 700
  • Special Challenge: Slay the Beast without stepping in any of the poison the beast spits to unlock the Special version of Stain (Slams ground to poison foes). 



Map For The Beast




Notes and Trivia For Beast

  • ???



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    • 07 Apr 2019 00:18  

      Hello, because no one on YouTube or here have posted it, I will: To reach and attack his feet : Approach melee range, so that he will trigger swinging his club at you. While target-locked, Roll-dodge in the direction of the arm swinging, currently. After the first swing, Beast will swing again, so immediately after your first roll, you then want to roll inward toward his feet. As I am a dagger / fist user, I now execute my combo's on his feet, then roll away - because you only have a few seconds before he stomps, and if you executed a second combo, he will follow the stomp with a jump. If you're within swing range after this point, he will swing again, otherwise he will charge, followed by poison spit, and then march towards you to swing the club some more.

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