Book of Justice - "This book was written in stone"

book_of_justice-i_small.jpg Trinity

Book Of Justice 3.14
Location: NG+/ From Beast battle, go back through castle gate. Go up the stairs, then turn right to Old Quarters (not sure about english name of that location), Lore is in same location as breakable wall. This location unlock after Beast boss battle. /SirLacky

book_of_justice-ii_small.jpg Hand

Book Of Justice 3.15
Location: NG+/Planetarium, secound room. /SirLacky

book_of_justice-iii_small.jpg Book of Law

Book Of Justice 3.16
Location: NG+/Planetarium, Platform where Kaslo and Antanas are standing. /SirLacky

book_of_justice-iv_small.jpg Father

Book Of Justice 2.8
Location: NG+/Planetarium, from third room go upstairs. /SirLacky

book_of_justice-v_small.jpg Revange

Book Of Justice 2.10
Location: NG+/Planetarium, first room. /SirLacky

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