Book of Justice


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Book of Justice Lore is a Lore collection in Lords of The Fallen. Lore collections are composed of audiobooks found via exploration of the game, and reveal information regarding specific subjects


Where to find Book of Justice Lore

  • Trinity can be found in NG+/ From Beast battle, go back through castle gate. Go up the stairs, then turn right to Old Quarters (not sure about English name of that location), Lore is in the same location as the breakable wall. This location unlocks after Beast boss battle.
  • Hand can be found in NG+/Planetarium, second room.
  • Book of Law can be found in  NG+/Planetarium, Platform where Kaslo and Antanas are standing.
  • Father can be found in NG+/Planetarium, from third room go upstairs. 
  • Revenge can be found in NG+/Planetarium, first room.



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