Captain of the Guard


Captain of the Guard is the first NPCs you face in Lords of the Fallen.



Captain of the Guard Information

 A loyal captain to Antanas who disdains Harkyn due to his criminal past.


Drops from Captain of the Guard

  •  ???


Encounters With Kaslo

  •  ???


Notes and Trivia For Captain of the Guard

  • ???



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    • Anonymous

      23 Aug 2019 18:49  

      He drops the Southern trench key if you kill him before the last boss. It opens the zone right before the descending the road towards the Pathway / Graveyard. If you choose not to kill him when u fight, u may find him again if u zone in through the door guarded by 2 Big shield knights (with a breakable wall next to them). He showed up just standing there, targetable with 1 HP. I still got the mention in the epilogue that i was fair even with those who didn t deserve it when showing this guy. Hope it helps!

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