- A powerful force that inflicts fear in the enemies, slowing them down and lowering defenses.

daze.png Daze is a potent debuff spell found in the Solace Magic tree in Lords of the Fallen. When cast, it creates a clone, similar to the Prayer spell, but this clone neither attracts attention, nor can be damaged. Instead, the clone assumes a threatening posture and generates an aura that slows and cuts the defense of all enemies that enter the area of effect. Because it also cuts energy recovery and impact recovery time for enemies, it is useful for both attack and defense.

Level 1 Daze

  • Requires 12 Faith
  • Debuffs Enemy Speed by 40%
  • Debuffs Enemy Defense by 30%
  • Duration: 16 Seconds
  • Radius: 10 Feet
  • Cost: 50 Magic


Level 2 Daze

  • Requires 15 Faith
  • Debuffs Enemy Speed by 50%
  • Debuffs Enemy Defense by 30%
  • Duration: 16 Seconds
  • Radius: 12 Feet
  • Cost: 60 Magic


Level 3 Daze

  • Requires 18 Faith
  • Debuffs Enemy Speed by 60%
  • Debuffs Enemy Defense by 30%
  • Duration: 16 Seconds
  • Radius: 15 Feet
  • Cost:70 Magic


Player Notes

  • Daze is an incredibly handy, if difficult to use spell that can increase the player's damage output and make enemies easier to defeat. Standard enemies are often slowed down so much that they can become easier to fight and counter when under the spell's effects, and it makes them easier to kill to boot.
  • Daze is particularly handy when being mobbed, as it will effect any enemy that enters its area of effect, making it extremely useful for fighting Dimensional Beasts, Rhogar Hounds, and Rhogar Vanguards, as well as Rhogar Knights and Bulwarks. Correctly used, it can make handling clusters of tough enemies much easier.
  • Enemies need to get near the clone to suffer the debuff from it, so putting it near chokepoints can be effective.
  • Humorously, Daze can weigh down pressure plates, the same way rhe clone from Prayer does.
  • Bosses can be affected by Daze as well, but are unlikely to stay in the area effect and suffer a much weaker slow debuff.
  • Daze's defensive debuff is 30% at all levels; only the Area of Effect and intensity of the slowdown improve via leveling up.

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