Deserters is an NPCs you face in Lords of the Fallen. They are the first NPCs you encounter in course of the game.



 Deserters Information

Met after defeating the Infiltrator and leaving via the new exit, rather than backtracking.
Will ask that you clear the Western Antechamber for them, then return.
As well, you can give a potion (permanently removing it) for 500xp


 The Deserters Quest: In the Keystone Citadel, there is a Guard Captain who wants the deserters' death. For proof, you must bring at least four Human Tattoos to him, for getting The Great Burden (Armor Trinket) as a reward.

There are six Human Tattoos, and those are to be found in the Rhogar Realm: The first Human Tattoo can be obtained afterward you have vanquished the Infiltrator, and when you have returned to Keystone. There is a severly injured soldier next to the portal who dies after a conversation, and you take his Human Tattoo. Once you get back to the Rhogar Realm in order to kill the remaining Lords there at, you can follow Yetka's suggested route around the Guardian and meet up with her, deeper inside for up to two locations before the Guardian's defeat.

Then you must defeat the Guardian in order to progress, even though this seems at first to make no sense at all since you worked hard to get ways around. The reason for this is simple, that from the Guardian's battlefield you gain access to the other side of the inside of the Chamber Of Lies. Now before vanquishing the Guardian you can meet up with those two deserters in the Western Antchamber and talk to them.

Ultimately and relatively, it matters not about what you chose during that conversation, but there are their twos' Human Tattoos on the Guardian's battlefield, if they died during that battle or if you suggested to them to go ahead and to kill the Guardian if you have already dealt with him, even killed the three bugs there at afterwards, and it makes no sense at all.

Note, that they can assist you in the battle against the Guardian, but you must not head into the Chamber Of Lies once you have encouraged them to kill that Lord, before battling with them against the Guardian, or they die there at. It also does not matter if you have defeated the Guardian before talking to them. They would be even there at, and the conversation options equal, even though it makes no sense anymore. 

One deserter's Human Tattoo can be recovered next to the deserters there at - he did not survive even though he was using your Health Potion. If you did encourage them to kill the Lord there at, even though the Guardian was already defeated by yourself, then their two Human Tattoos are also one level below their last known location in the Western Antechamber to be found. Return to the Guard Captain who is in the Keystone Citadel before you travel through the newly accessible portal after the defeat of the Annihilator, and be relatively rewarded.


Encounters With Deserters


Drops from Deserters

  •  ????


Notes and Trivia For Deserters

  • There should be only four Human Tattoos, but due to a flaw it is possible to get two Human Tattoos from the same people twice. Normally, either at the bottom level of the Western Antchamber, or at the Guardian's battlefield.
  • There is no additional benefit when doing The Deserters Quest again in another Cycle, as Armor Trinket rewards will not be converted and you already have them.



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