Dimensional Beast

Updated: Mar 19, 2016 10:39 pm

Dimensional Beasts are some of the more agile enemies found within Lords of the Fallen. They specialize in hand to hand combat and will charge the player the first chance they get. It's because of this that in numbers they become a great challenge to deal with as they will try to overwhelm the player. Along with this the appear alongside Rhogar Beastmasters and the boss Worshipper.

Variant one

Location NG? Health XP Weak to Resistant to Respawns?
Keystone NG, NG+ ?? ?? N/A N/A Yes
Abandoned Temple NG, NG+ ?? ?? N/A N/A Yes
Chamber of Lies NG, NG+ ?? ?? Fire Lightning Yes
Attack Damage type Status effect Parriable? Blockable? Notes
Two hit combo Physical None Yes Yes Standard attack
Two-handed attack Dark Posion Yes Yes Used when on low health
Drops Frequency
Drop 1 10%
Drop 2 5%
Strategy tips
Type of character Tip
General Avoid their grab attack
Casters Keep your distance during the spinning attack

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