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Dimensions Lore is a Lore collection in Lords of The Fallen. Lore collections are composed of audiobooks found via exploration of the game, and reveal information regarding specific subjects


Where to find Dimensions Lore

  • Temple can be found in the outskirts of the Graveyard. (Worshiper boss fight)
  • Shards can be found in the Western Antechamber under the stairs in Rhogar realm - requires key from the Tyrant guarding the bridge.
  • Runes can be found in  the Abandoned Temple above Yetka's final quest.
  • Rifts can be found ??
  • My Treasure can be found in Rhogar's Realm. In the area where you get the trinket The Keep. Look after three dogs at one spot.



After the War  ♦  Book of Justice  ♦  Greater Powers  ♦  Grim Places  ♦  In God We Trust  ♦  Infested Lore  ♦  Lords of the Fallen  ♦  Monk's Fate  ♦  My Vow  ♦  New Religion  ♦  Night Watch  ♦  Old Religion  ♦  Our New Home  ♦  Prisons  ♦  Tales of Old  ♦  The Plot  ♦  The Research  ♦  The Rhogar  ♦  The Traveller  ♦  Wanted


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