dimensions-temple_small.jpg Temple

"When the Judges banished the god, the Rhogar disappeared, together with the whole Temple. People say that sometimes, when you visit the Hand of God Mountains, you can see a mirage of the Temple... Could it be that, they somehow got... ...sucked into another dimension of sorts?"
Location: In the outskirts of the graveyard. (Worshiper boss fight)

dimensions-shards_small.jpg Shards

"Shards... They form wherever there's a rift. The matter of both dimensions clashes and crystallizes in this incredible form, full of power. Some bigger rifts... They can form shards so big that it's impossible to move them. Who knows what power can be held in shards of such size..."
Location: Western Antechamber under the stairs in Rhogar realm - requires key from the Tyrant guarding the bridge.

dimensions-runes_small.jpg Runes

"Clearly the runes are like ghosts that travel between the dimensions. They form links between them and transport powers from one dimension to another. A rune can bestow incredible power on the simplest of objects. But I must be careful, handling runes is dangerous..."
Location: Abandoned Temple above Yetka's final quest.

dimensions-rifts_small.jpg Rifts

"It's only a matter of time before the thin layer between the dimensions will start to break. Threads of energy collide in time and space. Strong ones form links between dimensions. Most rifts are just unaccessible sources of energy, but some others... They become the pathways. Some appear like a whirlwind, like a madness no one of sane mind would dare to enter. I have not travelled through a pathway myself, but some say it changes you when you do..."
Location: ??

dimensions-my_treasure_small.jpg My Treasure

"It took hundreds of years for me to make it. It took minutes for Rhogar to take it away. My crystal of travels. My biggest treasure and biggest loss. It grew so powerful... What journeys might the Rhogar seek... What journeys will the Rhogar find..."
Location: Rhogar Realm. In the area where you get the trinket The Keep. Look after three dogs at one spot.

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