Endings for Lords of the Fallen refers to the multiple possible game outcomes determined by player choice. Below are a list of possible conclusions to Harkyn's story, as well as the choices that took him to that result.


Endings of LOTF



bronze_trophy.pngGod is Dead (15)

Led humans to victory

Use the Rune of Adyr in your armor and defeat Judge


bronze_trophy.pngFaith is Weakness (15)

Led Rhogar to victory

Use the Rune of Adyr in your weapon and defeat Judge


bronze_trophy.pngWhole world in his hands (15)

Bring balance to both realms

Give the Rune of Adyr to the Crafter and defeat Judge



Other actions that affect your ending sequence:

  1. Picking up the Planetarium Piece (directly to the right of the Citadel front door after defeating the Beast) and giving it to Antanas, who will then give some vague clues towards later events and bosses in the game.
  2. Choosing to free the monster that Yetka seeks so she may join her mother, or killing it instead.
  3. Choosing to confront Antanas about his dark experiments or ignore it (to confront Antanas, first return to where the Champion in the Catacombs was fought and check the 3 Audio Logs and open the chest in the newly opened adjoining room - the same room the Champion was trying to open in the cutscene when first entering the area. Now return to the Planetarium in the Citadel and confront Antanas and inform Kaslo. This was initially bugged as the ending would say the player ignored it even if Kaslo talked to Antanas, but seems to have been patched).
  4. Helping various NPCs in their quests or ignoring/killing them.
  5. Using magic or just physical attacks to defeat Rhogar lords.


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