Greater Powers - "Judges created magic classes"

greater_power-gauntlet_small.jpg Gauntlet

Mighty Antanas, my research is over. I dare to claim that this gauntlet does only one thing, but it does it rather well. It eats hatred like a hungry lion and spits it out like a dragon spits fire. Its bearer can wield it like a horrible weapon but his soul must not be pure. A shattered soul will make most out of this device.
Location: Every NG/ Found at the Monastery - same location where you find your gauntlet. On the bridge before Commander boss. /SirLacky

greater_power-ii_small.jpg Judge Cleric

Mighty Antanas. As requested, I have been seeking origins of the powers that Principal Judge Cleric possessed. Unfortuantely the only records I found incline nothing more than his physique being the weakest of all three and because of that he relied on softening the opponents when fighting them.
Location: NG+ /After first Dimension Portal go upstairs, kill Rhogar with axe, and reach balcony, turn back, lore is at left site of statue. /SirLacky

greater_power-iii_small.jpg Judge Assassin

Mighty Antanas. My findings on the most important Principal Judge Assassin are indeed a track of hatred and vengeance. It appears he must have loathed the act of physical struggle as much as he hated the Rhogar itself and thus wished for his fights to be short and lethal in the first place.
Location: NG+ /Near first empty bottle location. In place where you need to roll under doors to access chest. /SirLacky

greater_power-iv_small.jpg Judge Warrior

Mighty Antanas. There is not much to be found on the Principal Judge Warrior, apart from his outstanding will and persistence that led to training his body and spirit to never give up. Yet, I personally wouldn't believe the fairy tales people say about killing a Lord with bare fists.
Location: NG+/At the balcony near Shard of Heroes. /SirLacky

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