Greater Powers

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Greater Powers Lore is a Lore collection in Lords of The Fallen. Lore collections are composed of audiobooks found via exploration of the game and reveal information regarding specific subjects


Where to find Greater Powers Lore

  • Gauntlet - NG/ Found at the Monastery - same location where you find your gauntlet. On the bridge before Commander boss.
  • Judge Cleric - In NG+ /After first Dimension Portal go upstairs, kill Rhogar with axe, and reach balcony, turn back, lore is at left site of statue. /SirLacky
  • Judge Assassin - NG+ /Near first empty bottle location. In place where you need to roll under doors to access chest. /SirLacky
  • Judge Warrior - NG+/At the balcony near Shard of Heroes. 


After the War  ♦  Book of Justice  ♦  Dimensions  ♦  Grim Places  ♦  In God We Trust  ♦  Infested Lore  ♦  Lords of the Fallen  ♦  Monk's Fate  ♦  My Vow  ♦  New Religion  ♦  Night Watch  ♦  Old Religion  ♦  Our New Home  ♦  Prisons  ♦  Tales of Old  ♦  The Plot  ♦  The Research  ♦  The Rhogar  ♦  The Traveller  ♦  Wanted


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