Grim Places

grim_places-fancy_looks_small.jpg Fancy Looks

Mighty Antanas. I found track of a Rhogar Lord that was once known for his preoccupance with the physical shell, and his shield being no less than a weaponry masterpiece. That's most peculiar, as I would have never suspected Rhogar care for it. No wonder he had the most dedicated followers in all the battles he commanded.
Location: In the tower after finding the gauntlet.

grim_places-grim_graves_small.jpg Grim Graves

Graves need to be tended and never forgotten. Gladly will I care for the dead until the day I join them. Should I ever feel insecure, I know that I can retreat into one of the graveyard's sacred shrines. The will shield me off from evil, for the were built at the time when Keystone was erected, to repel things from other worlds, lest they want to come close to our buried heroes.
Location: Found in secret entrance to the Worshiper boss fight. Need to jump off the ledge from the tower with the beacon on it.

grim_places-cruel_species_small.jpg Cruel Species

Mighty Antanas. I just came across an ancient message depicting what might be the most daring creation of the Rhogar. Bigger than all Lords, odd number of limbs, twisted flesh mixed with weapons. And it said something immunity or healing.
Location: Near the checkpoint before the Infiltrator boss. In the area with two spiders.

grim_places-blind_fury_small.jpg Blind Fury

The locked and hidden parts of Catacombs could be holding more than secrets and sins we are aware of. One of the Rhogar Lords leading the raid on Keystone has been spotted inside. He killed lots of our soldiers before they even noticed the danger. All we know so far is that he somehow feeds on our rage. Let us feed on his.
Location: In the Catacombs. Behind a cellar in the roundabout.

grim_places-v_small.jpg Vicious Poison

I have watched prisoners get dragged into the pit. Then we released the monster. It tore them apart and spat green saliva on them. They screamed. Feron and I, we're not easily shocked. We both vomited when we saw this. However this beast was created.... It's deadly, it's wrong, and I don't know why anyone would let something like this exist.
Location: In the "Beast Cage" (Catacombs) after you killed the Beast /TaRe

grim_places-wild_fire_small.jpg Wild Fire

Mighty Antanas. There must be a Rhogar Lord that bears the power of fire in his arsenal. He uses two barbaric greatswords with so much ease that there must be an elemental force aiding him. He probably would be much less of a threat without it.
Location: Eastern antechamber after entering the Rhogar realm a second time.

grim_places-vii_small.jpg Lost Memories

Mighty Antanas. There must be something that has been keeping people from finding a way inside the hand of fallen Adyr for so long. All evidence on those getting through the underground chambers leading there seems to be filled with lost memories, as if those who made it were shocked by something.
Location: Right before the Annihilator boss fight on the bridge.

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