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Updated Nov 5, 2014 11:59 am

HP: xxxx
Experience Awarded: 7500xp
Drops: Firewalker shortsword

Description Here


Attack Name
Attack Description
Charge with blade flurry

4 hit combo


Summon fireballs from the goblets

Attack Name:

Attack description

Attack Name:

Attack description


The easiest way to fight this boss is to knock over a goblet (run with tower shield up, for example). The Guardian will try to reignite the goblet, which leaves him open to attacks. Killing him this way, however, will NOT get you the legendary version of his Firewalker sword. If you want the legendary version, you have to kill him without knocking over the goblets.
The best opening to attack him is while he's kneeling on the floor with both swords up in the air. At that moment he is summoning fireballs from the goblets. But right before they will shoot at you, the Guardian will knock you down which in turn will make the fireballs miss you. If you're struggling with this fight, use the best armor with the highest poise you have and equip them with physical resistance and fire resistance runes.

Video Strategy:

In this video I'm going for the legendary version of his Firewalker shortsword. My character is lvl51ish and I'm using the Effect medium armor, Justice sword and Stance kite shield. I guess I was overpowered at this point in the game...


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