Higher Poison Rune

Poison Debuff ???  Weapon-Icon.jpg
Poison Defense +3 Armor-Icon.jpg
Poison Block Defense Fire Block Defense +7%  Shield-Icon.jpg
Gauntlet Gauntlet-Icon.jpg
    • Blast Gauntlet: Blast a large amount of poisonous energy that corrodes the armor of enemies.
    • Projectile Gauntlet: Poisons the target, slowing it down and draining its health.
    • Explosive Gauntlet: Creates a poisonous pool on the ground that slows enemies down.

Higher Poison Rune is a Rune item in Lords of the Fallen. 




  • Poison Debuff (DOT):  ???
  • Poison Defense:  +3
  • Poison Block Defense: Block Defense +7%
  • Gauntlet
    Blast Gauntlet: The Gauntlet now breathes Fire
    Projectile Gauntlet: Sets enemies on Fire on impact
    Explosive Gauntlet: Deals Fire damage on detonation




  • Obtained from Big Sealed Rune. Must be unsealed at the crafter 







  • This is the second highest quality for this rune.



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