Human Skull

"A human skull with surprisingly many teeth." 

Human Skull is a Quest Items item in Lords of the Fallen. Quest items are those that unlock special location




  • Give 15 Human Skulls to the Crippled Rhogar and he will give you 2000 xp and Stance(Orange version)
  • Give 30 Human Skulls to the Crippled Rhogar at its second location and receive Leech Armour (Trinket)




  • Catacombs, Graveyard and in keystone monastery cellar



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  • If you progressed in the story far enough he moves, Go back to where he was last, Then go back the way you came from to get in to the temple at the entrance turn right and you should hear him.
  • You can kill the Crippled Rhogar to get the Purple version of Stance.




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