In God we Trust

in_god_we_trust-gods_plan_small.jpg God's Plan

"God's wisdom is eternal. The mind of men is limited, as is their time. This is how it is supposed to be. This is god's plan. He built the society. Hi is the society."

Location: Chamber of lies just before and to the right of Annihilator's staircase.

in_god_we_trust-ii_small.jpg You are Safe

Adyr will save you. Listen, learn, pray. Adyr will hear, Adyr will help. You are safe with Him.
Location: In the Chamber of lies. Just above Yetka's last quest.

in_god_we_trust-iii_small.jpg The Light

"Men cannot be for themselves. They need a leader, they need a guide. They will follow the light. When there is no light, they will only follow darkness."
Location: Chamber of lies. NG+ only.

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