Location Keystone Citadel
HP ????
Experience awarded ????

The Judge is a Boss you face in Lords of the Fallen.



 Judge Information

The Judge is final boss of Lords of the Fallen. They are encountered at the top of the Keystone Citadel, after the player fights through multiple mobs of knights on the inside of the Citadel. The player, if killed, spawns at the top of the Citadel by the boss door. This allows the player to use one of the checkpoints found inside the Citadel if they choose to level up.



      Strategy For The Judge

Fighter Class Strategy: Judge moves fairly sluggish and most of his attacks can be dodged by mid-rolling and even slow-rolling. You will also have plenty of time to observe his basic "bread and butter" attack patterns and telegraphs before you grind him down to his one and only health bar marker. The fight to that point is pretty straight forward but varies a little based on what weapon type you fancy. In his "first form" most of his attacks can be blocked without any life loss from a regular 100% physical absorbing shield with decent poise. The only attacks that are unblockable at this point is his ground slams which generate an AOE shockwave and hits for moderate damage depending on which type (Light, Medium, or Heavy) of armour you are wearing. 

A safe way to make sure you take minimal damage in this phase is to bait his "Right-Left-Slam" attack. Just back away from his face when he revs up the punch combo and roll away when he goes in for the slam. Do not roll to the side if you are locked on him since that will result in you rolling in directly behind him and ending up taking damage from the AOE ground slam being sent flying backwards and missing your window to attack him. After the slam, run in and swing at him 1-3 times depending on your weapon's attack speed. With a sword you should be able to get 3 hits in, with an axe or a club about 2 hits, and with a large weapon such as Great Sword, Pole Sword, Great Axe or Great Hammer your window will be 1 hit. Don't get greedy because his follow up will either be a single ground slam which you will not be able to block, or another series of blockable swings which you will want to have some stamina left to block or dodge away from. 
Rinse & Repeat until you have him down to his life bar marker.

This is when the real fight begins.  When the second phase begins, Judge library of attacks will vastly expand and he will become quite deadly if you drop your guard. The most relevant attack in his expanded arsenal is when he summons Infected and retreats to the top of the Citadel. He will telegraph this attack by raising both hands in the air and a green smoke will emerge from his body. This is a great window to go Zerg on his ass and get as many hits as you can on him before he retreats to the to the Citadel balcony. He will not do any attacks in between summoning Infected and running for the Citadel, so that is a pretty decent window to slap him around for a bit.

The crux is what now follow. So, he raised a bunch of Infected. Not a big deal, right? WRONG! The god news is that the infected themselves should be no problem for you to take care of. The bad news is that Judge will send trails of fire at you while you try to deal with the infected. The fire trail will always come at you from behind, and it deals a HUGE amount of damage if it hits you. It will also set you fire for a quite hefty fire DoT. (Fire protection shards will mend this a little, but not enough that it is worth it to "ass-tank" the fire trails. This means that just running around to avoid it won't do you any good since no matter which direction you run the fire will always come at you from the back. The best thing to do here is to lock on to an Infected and then strafe to the side.

By doing this you always stay in control of where your back is turned and constantly side-stepping will make it so that the fire trails will miss you. Ok, so you deftly manage to avoid the fire, what now? Well the good news is that the fire trail also can damage the Infected if they end up in its way. The bad news is that you NEED to get rid of all (at least MOST) of the Infected before Judge comes down from the citadel balcony. He will jump back down shortly after firing his 3:rd fire trail at you. At this point he will absorb the HP of the Infected who are still alive, regaining potentially all the HP you managed to grind down in the cycle before he did the attack. This can be very frustrating, especially if you are using a low damage weapon and got some bad luck with his attack patterns before the summoning. 

The best way I found for dealing with the Infected quickly was to try and lock on one of them and then try to herd the rest (They will be going after you) in to a pile around the center of the arena and let Judge's fire trail deal with as many of them as possible strafing out of the way, and right after fire trail number 3 do my best to clear out the ones still left standing. 
For the second phase he will also start doing a bunch of other attacks in between summonings. Still, the plan is the same. Stick to it! Avoid his attacks regardless of what they are, and just go in for the window after he slams the ground. Also go nuts on him when he revs up the summoning attack.

If you stick to the plan, and stay on your toes while killing most of the Infected he summons you should be home free. It might drag out, but slow and steady wins the race. 
Something that will help greatly is to put a Flawless Poison Rune in your weapon. DoT works wonders on him, and most bosses in the game. It can cut the boss fight time in half. 

Personally I used a great axe called "Ceremonial" witch had 2 rune slots. I used a Flawless Poison Rune, and a Flawless Power Rune. (I put my god-rune in my armour). For shield I used a kite shield with 3 rune slots in which I had 2 Flawless Luck Runes which decrease the amount of energy drained from blocking by 9% for each rune. In the third slot I had a magic rune which was not really useful for this boss fight really. 
The great axe proved awesome on this boss though. During the regular attack windows, do a running R2 attack and then roll away. With a proper STR build it should do roughly 300 dmg plus lingering poison DoT. When he is revving his summoning attack one could easily whack him for over 1k dmg plus DoT. The fight should take about 10-15 minutes then. 

[EASY STRATEGY] For those that keep getting killed by the fire attacks. 
First of all, try to stay near the part where he jumps up. After dishing out tons of damage when he starts the green patch attack, run with him towards the little gate/door and face it. Then, quickly press backward on the thumbstick/keyboard so that your back is directly facing the gate/door and hold up your shield (in case his minions attack you). The fire trails never hit you and you can get in massive damage when he lands. 


Video Strategy:

Zane's Strategy (without shield) 
Marmo's Strategy 
Chronicle Strategy 



Attacks For The Judge

Attack Name Attack Description
Pounce & Slam Judge runs towards the player and performs a jump attack, slamming to the ground for moderate unblockable AOE damage.
Spike Throw Judge shoots the five spikes on his left arm at the player in a fan-like motion. This attack is caused when you further away from the boss. It is blockable with a shield.
Ground Slam Judge raises both arms above his head and slams the ground for moderate unblockable AOE damage.
Right hook - Skewer Judge swings his right arm towards the player, and follows up with a thrust from his spiked left arm. Blockable with shield.
Right - Left - Slam Judge swings with his right arm, followed by his left arm. Finally raising both arms in the air coming down with a Ground Slam.
Summon Infected (When damaged below life bar marker) Judge bends down, and then raise both hands above his head emitting a green mist from his body. He then retreats to the citadel balcony out of reach for the player. 5 infected are then raised from the ground, charging the player.
Fire Trap (Only during Summon Infected) The Infected will stay alive in the arena for a short amount of time during which Judge summons a ground travelling wave of fire three times. The fire wave always starts from behind the players back regardless of where the player is in the arena. The fire wave is unblockable and deals heavy damage while also setting the player on fire for a moderate amount of time. The fire waves can also damage the summoned Infected.
Reaping (Only during Summon Infected) After the three fire waves, Judge jumps down from the citadel balcony and absorbs the health points of the Infected not already killed by the player or the fire. This regenerates the Judge with a varying amount of health depending on how many Infected are still alive after the Fire Trap attacks.
Curse (When damaged below life bar marker) Judge produce a cloud of thick red fog moving slowly towards the player. When the player is hit, Harkyn's life bar will shrink moderately for the remainder of the fight. Unblockable.
Blood Trap (When damaged below life bar marker) Judge shoots a slow, ground moving red energy blast towards the player for moderate damage. If the blast hits the corpse of an Infected it explodes for moderate AOE damage.



Drops For Judge

  •  ????



Notes and Trivia For Judge

  • Flawless Poison Rune in your weapon will help.
  • Flawless Luck Rune in your shield will help.
  • Flawless fire projectile gauntlet works well for more fragile builds (moderate base damage +DoT)
  • Take your time. Don't get greedy.



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    • Anonymous

      03 Oct 2020 04:30  

      I did something a little different...rather than try to deal with the infected...i just stayed close to the balcony while running and dodging...right after the third fire attack i immediately hit rage so when he jump down I just spam attacked him with like 7 hits which lowered his health tremendously despite absorbing all the infected hp. Heh still was a ***** at first, took me several tries. Cheers.

      • 25 Apr 2019 22:11  

        If you run the Deception tree, you can ignore killing any of the infected and either just run a candy-cane half-circle whenever you hear the fire trail start, or to use the gate trick, run UP TO THE GATE, then tape your BACK key, and if you're still not properly-angled, use a potion. Since the fire comes from behind you, if you're not positioned properly, he'll still call a fire trail on you. If you're using the run-around method, cast a Shift or Mimic as he's running up - you'll have a short window to use each after he lands. If you're using the gate trick, cast either one after the 2nd fire trail. After he lands, run up and beat him up, and you'll either out-do the healing he receives (NG, NG+) or come close (NG++) and you'll make up for it before the next time he jumps; on my speed-runs using either method, he never jumps a second time, usually dying before or during his second attempt.

        • Anonymous

          Some problems11 Jul 2016 17:47  

          I've noticed that he occasionally freezes in place allowing me to get about seven or eight free hits on him, but he only does this about once per encounter. After he does it, he goes back to destroying my character. Also, what is the best way to kill the infected without the use of great axes/swords?

          • Anonymous

            Prize?11 Jul 2016 17:47  

            Did anybody get anything for defeating the judge. Because I was kind of hoping that there would be some super awesome weapon at the end.

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