Lost Brothers

Location ???
HP 4919 (Fire) and 5007 (Lightning)
Experience awarded 15000

The Lost Brothers is a Boss you face in Lords of the Fallen.



 Lost Brothers Information

The Lost Brothers are a duo of monsters resembling the Beast and of the same origin, but faster and therefore more lethal. After talking to Adyr, Harkyn will be warped to their boss arena and has no choice but to fight them before continuing forward. There is a Proving Grounds to the right before the arena which Harkyn can use to craft and equip runes or level up.



      Strategy For The Lost Brothers

The brothers will switch back and forth after a while. When the Lightning brother comes down, stay just out of his range and wait for him to finish his swiping combo, then attack. For the Fire brother, strafe to the left to dodge his flame breath and attack in that window. Otherwise, it's best to stay out of their way, or utilize ranged attacks. 
It is best to decrease both of them to very low health before killing one. This is because the other one charges up when his brother is dead, but he begins at the same amount of health he had before. If you want to gain a specific "Defender"-Buckler (Fire or Lightning based), it is best to kill the required brother (the opposite of the desired element) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because you will mostly fight only one of the two while the other one is lingering on the ceiling and you can't damage him. Keep the other one at bay and damage the required one AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. This will prevent unnecassary frustration and stressful NG+ Playthroughs while trying to get the right one and maybe even failing again.

Be sure to equip elemental resistent armor as their claw swipes only deal around twelve damage.




Attacks For The Lost Brothers

Attack Name Attack Description
 Firebreath  shoots fire out of his mouth while while turning left (can be doged by rolling to the left)



Drops For Lost Brothers

  • Defender Buckler (Fire) or Defender Buckler (Lightning)
  • Experience awarded: 15,000



Notes and Trivia For Lost Brothers

  • ???



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    • Anonymous

      Disgusting terrible claws, throwing everything back, forcing the player the same pattern. Not fun, If they just force us to repeat the same "2 hit and back, 2 hit and back" method, what is the point of that much hp? Boss does not change when it's low hp. I'm just repeating same thing, If I did once I can just do it billons of times? What is the point of it?

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