Luck in Lords of the fallen: You will need more Luck to get better rewards for killing opponents, but it also helps you get better crafting materials.


  • Even with 20 points in luck, it seems impossible to get a flawless rune from breaking a Small Sealed Rune.
  • In NG+ and NG++ luck influences the chances of finding Attribute Point Shards and other Shards on chests that contain Armour or Weapons in NG. This only applies if the chest was looted in NG.
  • Luck will affect how often enemies drop items such as Small Runes, Energy Shards, Magic Energy Shards and resistance raising Shards.
  • If you manage to go past a certain level well past the grindable level cap, every item will have a 100% drop rate.

All levels: +1 Luck

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    • Anonymous

      I'm on NG++ and I have 0 luck. I don't think I'm missing any items. Not worth it. There are plenty of enemy drops as is. If you are trying to get flawless luck runes from big shards just try and reload game if you don't get it.

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