Maimed Rhogar


Maimed Rhogar is an NPCs you face in Lords of the Fallen. Much like the Rhogar that use their flame to help the boss Infiltrator this Rhogar has similar design. Upon discovering this Rhogar the player can in fact kill him, as he is one of the very few NPCs in Lords of the Fallen that can be killed.



 Maimed Rhogar Information

Upon discovery of the Maimed Rhogar the player can take on a sidequest that the Rhogar gives out to collect human skulls. If the player chooses to do this and collects at least 15 skulls they can return to the Rhogar to receive the shield Stance. However if the player is to return once more with 30 human skulls they will be attacked by other Rhogar after speaking with the Maimed Rhogar, this will lead to the player killing the Maimed Rhogar and receiving Leech.



Encounters With Maimed Rhogar


Drops from Maimed Rhogar



Notes and Trivia For Maimed Rhogar

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    • Anonymous

      If you haven't finished his sidequest and return to his location after the area has been updated (after Gaurdian fight) he disappears. At least he has for me, I'll edit my submission if I do find or hear him.

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