- A phase of magic following you, repeating your moves and dealing the damage you did, again.

mimic.png Mimic is a spell found in the Deception Magic tree in Lords of the Fallen. It's primary function is to deal increased damage to enemies by repeating the attack movements of the player. While finicky and hard to use, Mimic offers potentially the highest damage output bonus of any buff spell by adding additional strikes to every swing!

Level 1 Mimic

  • Requires 12 Faith
  • Clone deals 80% of Player Damage
  • Lasts 12 Seconds
  • Cost: 45 Magic


Level 2 Mimic

  • Requires 15 Faith
  • Clone deals 90% of Player Damage
  • Lasts 14 Seconds
  • Cost: 55 Magic


Level 3 Mimic

  • Requires 18 Faith
  • Clone deals 100% of Player Damage
  • Lasts 16 Seconds
  • Cost: 65 Magic


Player Notes

  • Mimic creates a clone that copies the player's actions. Every swing the player takes, it will copy. Humorously, the clone will copy other actions by the player, including blocking and parrying. While the clone can block and parry in the player's place, the player's shield takes priority, meaning that it's virtually impossible for the clone to pull off a block or parry in the player's stead (since the player, if hit, will do an animation that screws up the clone's attempt).
  • The clone from Mimic will copy whatever weapon the player has on-hand at the time in terms of combat style, be it Shortswords, a Greataxe, or one's fists. If you switch weapons, the clone will switch to match you. No matter what weapon it seems to use, however, the clone will always do a percentage of the base damage you do (or full damage at level 3).
  • Duration increases with Faith.
  • Fittingly enough, Mimic offers the biggest boon to agility-based fighters, since the extra hits from Mimic add up quicker with weapons that can do lots of damage per second, but basically any build can and should make use of the spell's ability to boost damage. It's hard to go wrong with additional hits, after all!
  • A high-level Agility build, wielding a dual weapon, and paired with the Mimic spell boasts the highest damage-per-second output in Lords of the Fallen. Seriously, nothing else even comes close to the amount of damage this combination can ladle out over the short term.

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