New Disciple

After the war we buried our dead and mourned them. We were battered and beaten, and it took its toll on us. But it was also a new beginning. the Judges showed us the path. As their heirs it is our duty to rebuild this society. I will gladly accept the burden of becoming the new Judge, a guardian of humanity.

New Disciple is a Lore audiobook in Lords of The Fallen. This audiobook is part of the After the War collection. Finding these audiobooks gives the player insight into the game's story and lore, and is necessary for completing certain Trophies and Achievements.


New Disciple Location

  • In the Citadel. In the Lost Brothers boss battle area. (Might need to pick up before the battle, after the Champion boss fight)



Angry Priest  ♦  Judge Disciple  ♦  Old Priest  ♦  The Rebel


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