Night Watch

night_watch-fourth_night_small.jpg Fourth Night

This is my fourth night on watch. The first three have been quiet, except for the rumors that spread among us. Rumors about the Rhogar. They are nowhere to be seen, but there's glow on the horizon. The villages are burning And the fire may creep closer. I don't think it will be quiet much longer...
Location: Found after the Commander boss fight. At the end of the bridge.

night_watch-sixth_night_small.jpg Sixth Night

This is my sixth night on watch. The fires on the horizon, have burnt out. An all encompassing silence has fallen. Maybe the rhogar have retreated. I hope the villagers can return to their homes soon...
Location: In the Outer Passage. Through the tower after finding the gauntlet. Right behind the locked door (Tower Key) by the archer and abomination.

night_watch-ninth_night_small.jpg Ninth Night

Ninth night on the watch. How could the Rhogar get inside the sacred walls of Keystone? They appeard out of nowhere. The graveyard is swarming with them. I need to alert the others.
Location: Found in the Southern Watchtower.

night_watch-last_night_small.jpg Last Night

I must reach the signal tower on the other side of the graveyard. It's suicide, but... But I have no other choice. This is our only hope for help. ...If there is a place help can come from.
Location: Found after the Commander boss fight. Next to a big tree.

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