Old Religion

old_religion-ultimate_sin_small.jpg Ultimate Sin

The gods domain shall not be touched. This has been known for eons. How could they start a rebellion against Adyr? Before this fire could be extinguished, it spread. It became an uprising against a God. The ultimate sin.
Location: After defeating The Guardian. Talk with Yetka in Chamber of Lies. She will give you all lores in the category.

old_religion-prayers_small.jpg Prayers

These heretics known as Judges throught they would succeed. The good people prayed though, they prayed with their priests day and night. And Adyr heard them. He sent forth the Lords to end the uprising and lead the herd back into his loving arms.
Location: -II-

old_religion-fire_in_the_sky_small.jpg Fire in the Sky

The sky lit in flames and night became day. But it was the day of ruin, because the fire in the sky fell and scorched the earth that had sinned. The heretics who defied Adyr erupted in these very flames, and the fire knew no mercy. It rolled forward.
Location: -II-

old_religion-gods_wrath_small.jpg God's Wrath

So it came that the Lords walked the earth, sent for by Adyr himself. They were not greeted in humility but fought by heretics. The most beautiful creatures of our god were attacked, even slain. When Adyr saw what the people had done, he was angry with all mankind.
Location: -II-

old_religion-prepare_to_die_small.jpg Prepare to Die

Without Adyr, the heretics roam freely. I can hear them. They enjoy their victory, and they are not finished. Blood of god's disciples flows in the streets. They expect us to be afraid, but we are ready to die alongside our god. Who would want to live in a world without a god?
Location: -II-

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