Our New Home

our_new_home-i_small.jpg Keystone

When much blood has been spilled, the veil between worlds gets thinner. It may even rip. Then worlds collide. Keystone has been built to prevent that from happening. It is not just a monument of the battle itself. The monastery is a rock, and as long as it stands we are safe.
Location: In watchtower after finding the gauntlet. In the room with the spider. (NG+ Only)

our_new_home-deep_down_small.jpg Deep Down

"My workers have restarted building the foundations of the west wing. We thought we knew our monastery inside and out. Yes, it contains many secrets, but something like this? We discovered corridors deep in the ground. It looks like the monastery as we know it has been built on something that's much older. Maybe even older than the Judge stories."
Location: In the Catacombs. Up the stairs before the Champion boss fight.

our_new_home-end_of_the_line_small.jpg End of the Line

" We didn't finish the work in side corridors. The ceiling collapsed. We were told to leave it alone, as it makes a good shortcut. It is enough to keep taking left from the main catacombs entrance to eventually reach the hole in the wall. This might be the shortest way right now."
Location: In the Catacombs. (The Pit)

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