- Your most powerful ally, coming down to help you and slam your enemies with a giant hammer, wreaking havoc.

quake.png Quake is a spell found in the Brawling Magic tree in Lords of the Fallen. A close-range damage-dealing spell with a large impact radius, it's the most powerful offensive spell in the game and can be used for crushing small groups of foes or one tougher opponent.

Level 1 Quake

  • Requires 15 Faith (Requires 5 Faith points spent on this line to unlock)
  • Damage = Faith*7
  • Radius: 3 meters
  • Cost: 60 Magic


Level 2 Quake

  • Requires 18 Faith
  • Deals Faith*11
  • Radius: 4 meters
  • Cost: 72 Magic


Level 3 Quake

  • Requires 21 Faith
  • Damage = Faith*17
  • Radius: 5 meters
  • Cost: 88 magic


Tactical Notes

  • Quake is the most powerful offensive spell in the game. It generates a close-range shockwave that does massive damage in an area of effect, by having a giant flaming clone of yourself swing a massive two-handed hammer - with explosive results.
  • The impact of the hammer itself and the resulting shockwave both do their own damage. The shockwave is very similar to the Power Rune version of the Blast Gauntlet, but bigger and substantially stronger. At 21 faith, hitting with both the hammer and shockwave can do over 700 damage to an enemy.
  • The impact of the hammer itself breaks enemy guards, making it capable of easily defeating Rhogar Knights.
  • You can move during the hammer's wind-up animation, making the spell good for area control. Once the spell starts it will follow through, no matter how hard you're hit or knocked down. Being hit during the casting animation will interrupt it, however.
  • The shockwave can hit through walls making it useful at dealing with enemies trying to bushwhack the player.

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