Quests in Lords of the Fallen are divided into several categories: Main Quest, Optional Quest, and Secret Quest. This page lists all of the quests available and their subpages list the possible outcomes to them depending on your choices.
This page is a work in progress. See the Walkthrough page for details on each location, items, and maps.

Main Quest

  • Find the Key for Kalos
  • Defeat the First Guard
  • Find Kalos
  • Fight Commander
  • Find Kalos
  • Defeat Worshipper
  • Open Pathway
  • Destroy Ryogar's Realm Lord
  • Find Antanas & Kalos at the Monastery

Optional Quest

  • Sings of Antanas
  • The Injured Monk
  • Yetka's Dagger
  • Yetka's Ancient Plates
  • The Crippler's Rhogar
  • Deserters
  • Hell's Hound Pack
  • The Infested Monk
  • The imprisoned Monk
  • Lost Monk's Brother
  • The Poison Beast

Secret Quest

  • Tower's Bonfire
  • Sven's Hammer
  • Kyle's Grave
  • Planetarium Rebuild
  • Unity Staff

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