- A powerful charging force that, apart from damaging, can stagger or knock down the enemies.

rage.png Ram is a spell found in the Brawling Magic tree in Lords of the Fallen. An offensive spell, it is designed to break enemy guards and knock them down, doing respectable damage in the process. It is comparable to the Deception spell Stab, but does less damage and due to its piercing nature can hit multiple enemies, making it good for crowd control.

Level 1 Ram

  • Requires 12 Faith
  • Clone travels for 3 seconds
  • Cost: ?? Magic


Level 2 Ram

  • Requires 15 Faith
  • Clone travels for 4 seconds.
  • Cost: ?? Magic


Level 3 Ram

  • Requires 18 Faith
  • Clone travels for 5 seconds.
  • Cost: 72 Magic


Tactical Notes

  • Ram generates a charging force (a flaming clone of yourself ) that runs forward, smashing through everything in its path. It does damage, breaks guards, and knocks enemies down, making it an extremely potent tactical spell.
  • Ram has a much longer range than Stab, and will actually keep going until it hits a wall. If a bunch of enemies line up, Ram is capable of hitting all of them, making it a great crowd-control spell.
  • Ram hits enemies right through shields, making it useful for dealing with Rhogar Warriors and Knights, and making it extremely useful against Wardens and the Champion boss. The damage is fairly good at level 3, reliably doing well over 150 damage at base faith levels. Jt is possible, in fact, to kill many of the early bosses by staying at a distance and using this spell over and over.
  • Ram has very high impact and will interrupt enemy charging attacks, including the one used by the Champion.

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