"A flexible and adhesive armor that was designed to make the wearer feel like he's wearing his own skin. It is well balanced and even-tempered."

Obtained From: The Head is located on a corpse straight ahead up the stairs from where you start the game in the Keystone Monastery Tutorial. The Wrist is located to the left of the Gauntlet you pick up on the Northern Wall. The Chest is located near the lever in front of Champion's gate. The Legs are located on the steps down to the giant Demon that Yetka is looking for within the Chamber of Lies.

Notes: This set is found in NG+ or NG++ (if you missed it in NG+). This armor set is the same model as the Cold Blood Armor Set, but with a different color scheme. 

Set Bonus: Movement speed increased by 15%. +20 Poise.

Poise Wt. Defense
Phys Mag Fire Psn Lit
response_armor-head_small.jpg socket.png 3 3.60 16 2 2 3 2
response_armor-chest_small.jpg socket.png 11 5.00 32 4 4 5 4
response_armor-wrist_small.jpg socket.png 3 2.30 8 2 2 4 2
response_armor-legs_small.jpg socket.png 6 4.00 24 2 2 3 2
Totals 4 23 14.90 80 10 10 15 10

Response_Armor-Head_Tooltip.jpg Response_Armor-Chest_Tooltip.jpg Response_Armor-Wrist_Tooltip.jpg Response_Armor-Legs_Tooltip.jpg
Response_Armor-Equipped.jpg Response_Armor-Equipped_Back.jpg

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