Rhogar Ghost


Rhogar Ghost is an Enemy in Lords of the Fallen. Enemies are hostile creatures and humans that Harkyn encounters throughout the game. They have different resistances and drops, sometimes leaving behind powerful Weapons.



Information about Rhogar Ghost

Rhogar Ghosts are ethereal enemies found within Lords of the Fallen. Normally these ghosts cannot be addressed with the standard weapons as they would go straight through them. However adding runes to your weapon for elemental damage or simply using the gauntlet will allow you to dispatch of them.



  • Drop 1 - 10%
  • Drop 2 - 5%


Strategy Tips

  • General - Use a gauntlet to do any dmg. I was also able to kill one using Fly, a Faith scaling hammer. But i can imagine that all faith weapons can damage them? Burden polearm seems to deal 25-28 damage per normal attack to ghosts for me. Weapons with elemental runes can also damage them, I was able to kill them with the Fate axe with a flawless poison rune inside. The weapon itself did not do much damage but the DOT from the poison killed them eventually.  The best strategy when it comes to the ghosts would be to use a form of magic like stab, or anything similar to that to kill them. If upgraded this can usually result in a one hit kill on the ghost.



Rhogar Ghost Variant

Location NG? Health XP Weak to Resistant to Respawns?
Example Location 1 NG ?? ?? N/A N/A Yes
Example Location 2 NG ?? ?? N/A N/A Yes
Example Location 2 NG+ ?? ?? Fire Lightning Yes
Attack Damage type Status effect Parriable? Blockable? Notes
Two hit combo Physical None Yes Yes Standard attack
Two-handed attack Dark Posion Yes Yes Used when on low health


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    • Anonymous

      weapon03 Sep 2016 19:13  

      the upgraded shortsword curse does around 80 magic damage with a flawless luck rune. kills them quite well.

      • Anonymous

        the stain hammer ( the poison club from the boss ) can two or three hit kill . annoying i have to switch between it and the justice sword11 Jul 2016 17:47  

        Stain hammer

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