It's only a matter of time before the thin layer between the dimensions will start to break. Threads of energy collide in time and space. Strong ones form links between dimensions. Most rifts are just inaccessible sources of energy, but some others... They become the pathways. Some appear like a whirlwind, like a madness no one of sane mind would dare to enter. I have not traveled through a pathway myself, but some say it changes you when you do...

Rifts is a Lore audiobook in Lords of The Fallen. This audiobook is part of the Dimensions collection. Finding these audiobooks gives the player insight into the game's story and lore, and is necessary for completing certain Trophies and Achievements.


Rifts Location

  • After the Tyrant Boss Battle go up the stairs in the left side. In that area in the left side of the open area, there would be the lore item.



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