Right Wing Key


"A small demonic key."

Right Wing Key is a Quest Items item in Lords of the Fallen. Quest items are those that unlock special location



  • Unlocks door at one end of the spider infested hallway with death holes in Chamber of Lies



  • Drops from one of the Beastmasters on the second floor of the same hallway.

    At the end of the hallway opposite the locked door is a room with a blacksmith station and stairs in that room. Go up the stairs and there'll be a mage and around the corner a Beastmaster.  On the walkway on the opposite side will be another Beastmaster.  One of them will drop this key.

    Halfway along the walkway with the first Beastmaster will be some broken tiles to jump across to the opposite walkway where you can kill the other Beastmaster.

    Looking down from the walkway you can see it's the same hallway with the death holes.




  • none



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