Secret areas and Secret Rooms abound in Lords of the Fallen. This page lists their locations and how to access them, as well as the treasures they hold.

Keystone Citadel Tutorial

  • While tutorial, access the first big room with the stairs down. There will be 2 infected waiting for you. Kill them. Go to the left corner of this room. You can see 2 book shelves. Destroy it and you can see a gate half opened. Roll under the gate and you can access a chest.
    Loot: Empty bottle
  • From the very start of the game, up the stairs and to the left there is a pile of rubble you can climb onto, to then jump to an outside edge. Follow this path and jump a gap to reach a locked door, that requires the key, which can be found after the First Warden fight. Go downstairs. There is a massive statue and you have to jump on the base and there will be the key.
    Loot: Shard of the Heroes
  • After defeating the First Warden, head out and go downstairs. On some platform you can see 2 doors which lead to the 3 room area with 2 infected. In the middle one is a chest with a monk staff. Turn around, you should be able to see a scratch on the wall. Do a shield dash (press shield while running) and you can enter secret area full of spiders.
    Loot: Human skull, ??
    • At the place where you found the Human skull you see a scratch on the wall. Do a shield dash again.
      Loot: Empty bottle


Keystone Monastery

  • From the Checkpoint before the Commander boss-fight, go back and up the stairs on the left.  After killing the two enemies on the upper level, go down the stairs and defeat the Roghar.  Approach the ledge next to the stairs you just descended and look down, you will see a wooden platform with an item.  Walk slowly off the edge, land on the platform, and claim your loot.  
  • Check point right before worshiper boss fight. Right way leads to the Cementary, left leads to the Citadel back entrance. Go left. Defeat enemies. When you reach the door turn left. You can see a scratch on the wall where two heavy shield dudes are guarding. Do a shield dash (use shield while running) and break the wall. There will be chest waiting for you.
    Loot: Blind the hammer


Abandoned Temple

  • As soon as you enter the Sacred Hallways, you will see a locked door straight ahead of you (behind a small shielded enemy). Turn right; behind a large shielded enemy, near a locked chest is a pressure plate which will unlock and open the door. You will have to sprint to the door before it closes again. Using the Prayer spell on the pressure plate will keep it open for longer.
    Loot: Cunning armor set


  • After entering the area with the key from Yetka, you will find 2 arguing monks. Open first cell on the left, there will be one infected and one Rhoghar with a shield. Kill them. From there are 2 ways. Right leads to the checkpoint, left leads deeper inside the Catacombs. Go left, watch out for an ambush. In the corridor you can see 2 doors on the opposite walls. You can open left normally but right door is locked. Go forward to the circle room with a couple of enemies. Behind on of the pillars is pressure plate on the floor. Use you Prayer spell on it. It will open the locked door. Go back and take your reward.
    Loot: Bloodlust (Will turn orange if you use it regularly)
  • After entering the area with the key from Yetka, go forward and you can see a statue ahead. Go right. Open the cells with a lever. You can see a purple light in a cell. Use your shield bash on the right wall in the third cell and break the wall.
    Loot: Sven's Hammer
  • From the Catacomb's boss arena, find 2 doors. Go to the door on the left side of the arena. You will see a pressure plate on the floor. Use your shelter spell, go down the tunnel, turn left. You will see open cellar on the right wall, where the loot awaits you.
    Loot: Human Skull, Twinkling Axe
  • In the catacombs there is a cellar and there is a grave and an audiolog that tells you about a powerful weapon which weakens it's user. After a note go the the grave, interact with it and you can pick up a weapon.
    Loot: Heirloom


Chamber of Lies

  • A door which must be opened by using a Rune is considered a secret area. It is located near the corridor full of spiders and holes in the floor, with a nearby shortcut leading back into the main entrance.
    Loot: Spine Slasher, Weapon Hilt
  • Use the Right Wing Key found by killing the left fat enemy (you'll need to jump the chasm) above the spider-infested corridor on the door in said corridor.
  • In a large room separated by a chasm, a hard-to-spot lever (it's on the right when facing the chasm, against the wall near the very edge of the chasm. This is in the same area as the Checkpoint Crystal, a Tyrant, and two Golems) on one side will open a locked gated door on the other. Once inside, be sure to jump over the gap.
    Loot: Staff's head

Keystone Citadel

  • Breakable Wall: When you reach a room with the injured monks, look left.
    Loot:Will Armor Set
  • In the Old Quarters, there is a pressure plate next to a Challenge demon door. In the adjoining room (the one with the beds, which leads onto the main Citadel hallway), there is a cracked wall that can be shield bashed (sprint and raise shield), where one will find a locked door on the other side. Use the Prayer spell on the pressure plate and then run to the now-open door. The chest inside contains a couple of different shards. The lever to open the door from this side is located to the left of the door.
  • In the Garden Area unlocked with the Key  from the Captain go down the stairs, turn around and break the wall. Speaking and then attacking the ghost will open the chest.

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