Shard of the Heroes


"An Shard of the Heroes with engravings in a language you have never seen before" 

Shard of the Heroes is a Quest Items item in Lords of the Fallen. Quest items are those that unlock special location




  • Insert it into a statue in "Square of the Heroes" (where the bossfights against Commander and Beast take place) to receive above-mentioned rewards.
  • This item will allow you to do one of the following, depending on when (and where) you use it: 
    1. You will receive the daggers " Revenge" when placing the shard into the Rogue-statue during the boss-fight against either the Commander or the Beast (and let them destroy it). You will receive the weapon afterwards. 
    2. You will receive the sword " Warrior" when placing the shard into the Warrior-statue during the boss-fight against either the Commander or the Beast (and let them destroy it). You will receive the weapon afterwards. 
    3. You will receive the Hammer " Cleric" when placing the shard into the Cleric-statue during the boss-fight against either the Commander or the Beast (and let them destroy it). You will receive it afterwards. 
    4. After any of the Bossfights you may pray at one of the statues to reskill your character's Attribute points.

    The bosses are scripted to destroy the statue at a certain point in the battle once you have used the Shard of the Heroes, so don't be alarmed once you use the item and they don't immediately destroy the statue - just keep attacking them and they'll eventually charge and destroy it.




  • In order to get to the Shard of the Heroes, you must first get the key to open a door that blocks the way. This key is found after the Initiation Room. The Initiation Room is where you fought the first boss; the First Warden. Go down the steps that encircle a large statue. Towards the end of the stairs, there is a small platform that serves as the base for the statue. This platform has the key. Jump over the stairs' railing to get the key. After that, go back to the Initiation Room and through where you originally came from and face the pretty stained glass opposite to the entrance of the Initiation Room. Now go left, towards some rubble and more importantly, a broken railing. Step onto it and look to your right. You will see a white banner with golden markings. You can jump through this. Do so and make your way through the narrow hallways. At the end is a locked door but you have the key. Behind it, is the Shard of the Heroes. Congratulations, you can now get a special weapon or respec your character!




  • Further secret's details/facts: Once/if you are ready for using it to choose one of three weapons and if still applicable an Xbox Achievement/PSN Trophy/Steam Achievement, get past Yetka (9) who is outisde at Keystone Monastery in front before the Yard where the Commander Boss battle is taking place. 

    You can choose to use the Shard Of Heroes on one of the three Hero Statues (3) in this Yard during any of those two Boss battles there at, in order to achieve their relative rewards. A Boss must destroy the chosen statue to reveal its corresponding item it yields. Alternatively you can use it anytime on any statue of those, to stall activity for the opportunity there, of a one time Attribitue Points and Spell Points reclaim, in current Cycle only. This can be completely redone/rechoiced in another Cycle. 

    Shard Of Heroes is a Quest Item, and therefore it resets accross Cycles. 



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    • Anonymous

      11 Aug 2018 01:58  

      What happens if you die in the fight after placing the Shard on a Statue but before the Beast Destroys said Statue? I'm guessing you're screwed on the Weapon and Trophy till next playthrough. Because I can not get Beast to trigger destroying the Statue at all now. He just keeps attacking me only till he is dead... :(

      • Anonymous

        26 Oct 2017 18:09  

        What happens if you die after you use it and the commander had mostly destroyed the statue? The statue was gone when I went back into the fight.

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