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- A protective shell that highly increases all types of defenses and mirrors the incoming damage.

Shelter Shelter is a spell found in the Solace Magic tree in Lords of the Fallen. Easily the best healing spell in the game, this extremely useful spell also does a portion of damage back to enemies in turn. Between the defensive bonuses and healing, Solace is easily the most powerful buff in the game.

Level 1 Shelter

  • Requires 12 Faith
  • Returns 75% of damage taken
  • Regen: 4+0.3*Faith, repeated 8 times  

Level 2 Shelter

  • Requires 15 Faith
  • Returns 100% of damage taken
  • Regen: 6+0.35*Faith, repeated 8 times 

Level 3 Shelter

  • Requires 18 Faith
  • Returns 125% of damage taken
  • Regen: 10+0.4*Faith, repeated 8 times 

The manacost and duration are the same for all 3 levels

  • Duration: ~16 seconds
  • Cost: ~60 points

Player Notes

  • Damage reduction is based on the player's own defense stats, spell rank and Faith with seemingly no cap.
  • The spell reduces physical damage only. In case of a spread damage e.g. phys.+fire only phys. part is affected.
  • Shelter slowly replenishes the player's health, despite not mentioning it in the spell's description. This spell is incredibly useful for players who want to save on potion use, since Shelter gives you an easy way to patch yourself up between fights, making it much easier to build up modifier before banking your XP.
  • Regeneration happens in 16 ticks. The first one is fixed, the next one scales with Faith. Then these two steps are repeated 8 times.
  • E.g. in case of Lv3 and Faith 20 regen amount is (10+0.4*20)*8=144 HP. Rounding rules slightly differ with the spell rank.
  • You will suffer less damage under Shelter if your defense is high, but you will also deal more damage with Shelter if your defense is low. Because of this, you will need to balance out how you want to use Shelter based on your gear - heavy armor characters will use the spell to tank more, light armor characters will use the spell to do retaliatory damage, and medium armor characters will try to strike a blend between the two.
  • Shelter is particularly good for helping to outlast opposition during protracted fights. Early on it can let the player essentially ignore minor enemies and focus on specific targets. Maxing it early enough can turn the first third or so of an NG playthrough into a complete joke and make the next third substantially easier. It gradually becomes less useful with time (see below).
  • Note that while Shelter is extremely powerful, it also has a high Magic cost and an extremely slow cast speed - worse, in fact, than either Rage or Mimic. It also has a somewhat longer cooldown.
  • At the end of the day, Shelter is fundamentally a defensive spell. While it can make a good portion of the game substantially easier, especially during a first-time playthrough, its ability to do so begins to taper off as the player encounters more damaging opposition, and while Shelter does take a bit of the edge off, it rapidly becomes less useful as a combat buff, whereas Mimic and Rage will become more useful due to the increased damage bringing the enemies down quicker when it matters most.
  • Shelter's biggest drawback is that it's a buff spell in a Magic Type already loaded for bear with buff spells. Daze and Punishment are often much better choices against bosses and mobs, respectively, and the fact that you can only have one buff active at a time means the player will have to balance each one out as needed.

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    • Anonymous

      I'm at the 5 hour mark and havent used a potion, blocked or rolled in the last 3 hours of gameplay. This spell is ridiculously overpowered in the early game.

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