- Harkyn moves into Shadow dimension. Any attack he deals is devastating, but brings him back.

shift.png Shift is a spell found in the Deception Magic tree in Lords of the Fallen. An incredibly powerful and utilitarian spell, it essentially makes Harkyn undetectable for the duration, provided the enemy had not already detected him when he initially cast it. If Harkyn attacks, he will exit the cloak with an extremely powerful melee attack, letting him easily deal a killing blow to an enemy.

Level 1 Shift

  • Requires 15 Faith and 5 Spell points spent in this tree to unlock
  • Damage from breaking Shift is roughly 500%
  • Base Duration: 10 Seconds.
  • Cost: 50 Magic


Level 2 Shift

  • Requires 18 Faith
  • Damage from breaking Shift is roughly 750%
  • Base Duration: 15 Seconds.
  • Cost: 60 Magic


Level 3 Shift

  • Requires 21 Faith
  • Damage from breaking Shift is roughly 1000%
  • Base duration: 20 Seconds.
  • Cost: 72 Magic


Player Notes

  • In addition to being used to ambush enemies and damage spike, Shift is quite useful for getting around the battlefield. This is quite handy late-game (when you may want to cut past troubling enemies to get to where you need to go), when sequence breaking for items (such as in the catacombs), when speeedrunning, or when trying to go to recover your ghost.
  • While ostensibly used to backstab, Shift does not take facing into account. Ergo the special attack from breaking out of Shift will always do full damage, provided it actually hits - no need to get behind the enemy at all.
  • The damage bonus on Shift appears to be based on a weapon's standard damage, so the stronger the weapon, the higher the damage done. This can enable the most powerful single-hit attacks in the entire game if used with a sufficiently powerful 2-handed weapon.
  • Shift's invisibility only works fully if used before you are detected by the enemy. In this state, you will not be detected once in their line of sight.
  • If used after being detected by an enemy, they do not lose their tracking. However, you still retain the speed and damage bonuses from Shift. Shift in this fashion can be a formidable anti-Boss spell if used when a boss is open.
  • You can use Prayer to distract a boss, then if it survives for long enough, Shift out of their sight and be invisible to the boss once more. Magic Energy Shards can help you pull this trick off.

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