Sealed Rune (Small) sealed_rune_big.png is a container item in Lords of the Fallen. Must be unsealed at the Crafter. It must be broken at the Crafter blacksmith to obtain the Runes locked within, that can grant the player bonuses when socketed. Only Lesser, Common and Higher Runes may be contained within a Small Sealed Rune. The player can gamble up to 500 xp to try and get the best quality of Rune he/she can from each.

Locations: You obtain runes from defeating enemies. The higher your Loot Modifier and Luck stat, the more likely it is they will drop one. There are also a few Small Sealed Runes scattered through out the game. Their exact locations can be found on the Walkthrough page.

Socketing is the process of embedding a rune into the available slot in your weapon. An empty rune socket looks like this: socket.png . Please see the relevant runes page to find what upgrade is best for your build.
Weapons and armor may have up to three sockets. There is no cost for socketing an empty slot although you must be at the crafter
You can remove a socketed rune and save it in your inventory, and thus you can place a new rune on a socketed weapon.

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