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"A well balanced sword. Not new, but still can be put to good... or bad use"

Obtained From: The Warrior, Paladin and Raider classes start with this weapon. Also found in chest outside the entrance to the graveyard.


Steel Sword


Main Hand

Damage 18 (at 8 Strength)

Power 100%

Energy 100%

Weight 1.00

No Socket

Requirements & Bonuses

Strength Requirement 8
Strength Scale 3%
Attack Speed 85%
Critical Damage 100%


  Min Req 50 Str          1000 Str 
Physical Damage 18 23                75
Magic Damage 0 0                  0
Fire Damage 0 0                  0
Poison Damage 0 0                  0
Lightning Damage 0 0                  0


Physical Block Defense 85%

Moveset & Player Notes

  • Small video embed/link.
  • ie. Best x in the game for y class.
  • Slow attack speed compared to x.



Socketing is the process of embedding a rune into the available slot in your weapon. An empty rune socket looks like this: socket.png . Please see the relevant runes page to find what upgrade is best for your build.
Weapons and armor may have up to three sockets. There is no cost for socketing an empty slot although you must be at the crafter
You can remove a socketed rune and save it in your inventory, and thus you can place a new rune on a socketed weapon.

Term Explanations

This section explains the terminology used to abbreviate tables and to refer to game mechanics regarding weapons:

  • Damage: The total amount of damage dealt by the weapon.
  • Power:
  • Energy: The weapon's energy consumption per swing.
  • Weight: The total amount of units this weapon adds to your equipment load
  • socket.png : Empty sockets available or not for the weapon to be upgraded with runes

  • Attribute Requirement: The amount of a certain attribute needed to wield the weapon.
  • Attribute Scale: The percentage of bonus damage obtained from the attribute
  • Attack Speed: The weapon's swing speed
  • Critical Damage: The weapon's bonus damage when a critical is executed. It is corresponding to the base damage.

  • Physical Damage: Damage dealt that checks against physical defenses.
  • Magic Damage: Damage dealt that checks against magic defenses.
  • Fire Damage: Damage dealt that checks against fire defenses.
  • Poison Damage: Damage dealt that checks against poison defenses.
  • Lightning Damage: Damage dealt that checks against lightning defenses.

  • Physical Block Defense: Percentage of physical damage this weapon can block.

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