Tales of Old

tales_of_old-three_heroes_small.jpg Three Heroes

Soon after banishing the god, the three men that were now known as the Judges parted ways forever. Apart from their common goal, they were different in every possible way. Three statues were build for them on the Square of the Judges, displaying the distinct paths they had taken. These statues hold a secret as if it were their heart. But it is retained by the stone. Only the Shards of Heroes could make that heart beat, and only an unearthly force could tear it out.
Location: Found at the Monastery, right after the first boss battle.

tales_of_old-kyles_grave_small.jpg Kyle's Grave

Graveyard has been plundered. May this have something to do grave of this murderer? The Skinner? Was it an act of thieveryor has the murderer... risen from his grave? Nobody believes me, but this cursed soul needs to be put to rest.
Location: Found in the outskirts of the graveyard. (Worshiper boss battle area)

tales_of_old-kyles_sword_small.jpg Kyle's Sword

This sword must be cursed. Found it in a grave I plundered a few nights ago, the grave of some 'Kyle Ember', I think. When I hold it, my body seems to get weaker and weaker. I feel... so frail. But the sword itself... it's incredible! Whoever finds it: leave it be. It is too dangerous.
Location: In the Catacombs next to heirloom tomb. (Where you upgrade the Heirloom)

tales_of_old-iv_small.jpg Crafter's Pet

Swords are made for mortals. But this sword... it is something else. If I find the right runes... If I only imbue them on it... This sword will be fit for Gods.
Location: On the second floor of the Eastern Antechamber in the Abandoned Temple in NG++ (screenshot) - possible to collect in NG+

tales_of_old-svens_hammer_small.jpg Sven's Hammer

This beast seems to have more instinct than mind. It only wants to kill. A few weeks ago I found a hammer that it seems to fear... The weapon must be imbued with some magic that I don't understand. If such a beast fears it, I have every reason to fear it too. Better to lock it up in the cell 11 to keep it safe.
Location: ??

tales_of_old-troublemakers_small.jpg Troublemakers

We found those two fighting in the rain, calling each other murderers. We didn't have time to investigate, we imprisoned both of them just in case. Even if none of them is a murderer, both are loud troublemakers.
Location: In the Catacombs. Right before the Champion boss fight.

tales_of_old-troublemaker_small.jpg Troublemaker

I have to confess that I have made a mistake. Yes, I have stolen something. Not out of necessity, but out of geed. I was not starving and I was not dying. I just wanted it, because... well, I wanted it. But is that enough to imprison me like that? They think of evil as an absolute . Anything evil is pure evil. But am I evil just for stealing?
Location: In the Catacombs after Champion boss fight. Up the stairs.

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