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HP: xxxx
Experience Awarded: 12000
Drops Sting (Fists) & Sealed Big Rune
Special Challenge: Defeating this boss without letting him enrage will result in you obtaining the an orange version of Sting. Phase changes are not enrage.

The Champion is the boss of the Catacombs area. Very agile and very brutish, he is often susceptible to be enraged. Using a tower shield can stop his charges. He is marked as MapScrollIcon_small.png
24 in the map below.


Attack Name
Attack Description
He hits the ground then runs at you, knocking you down and dealing a lot of damage, especially if the champion is enraged.
He will stop if he hits you or a wall. You can plant a tower shield down to stun him if he runs into it, giving you an opening to attack.
His Rage meter fills up every time he attacks or is attacked. DoT attacks such as poison and fire will assist in filling up his Rage meter.
Wombo Combo
2 Quick slashes followed by an uppercut. These can be blocked, but will consume large amounts of stamina.
Drill strikes
Overhead move followed by smashing the ground, sending underground projectiles that seek and will explode quickly once they reach the player. The champion will send 2 of these each time. You can roll, sprint, or jump out of the way of this easily.
Flaming knives
In the latter half of the fight, he will replace Drill strikes with flaming knives. He will throw 2 of these at a time, you can easily dodge these by applying the same strategy that you did against the Drill strikes.


Fight Strategy Here

Video Strategy:

Zane's Strategy (without shield)
Marmo's Strategy
defensive tactics (shield + axe) LOW LEVEL

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