The Great Burden

Increases the player's poise with 31%

The Great Burden is a Trinket in Lords of the Fallen. They are items that provide the player with passive aid.


"The bearers of the trinket were considered walking rams that were able to stand the charge of a stampeding stallion. A medium-sized stallion, but still a stallion."



Increases the player's poise with 31%


How to Acquire



  • ????


Amulet of the Betrayer  ♦  Back Breaker  ♦  Compass  ♦  Dim hope  ♦  Equalizer  ♦  Faithful Disciple  ♦  First Amulet of the Traveler  ♦  Greed  ♦  Last Stretch  ♦  Leech  ♦  Life Leech  ♦  Magic Leech  ♦  The Keep  ♦  Trinkets


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