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Experience Awarded: 14040

  • Consecrated Grave Key (Quest Item),
  • one of three weapons based on the Keeper's initial magic type
    • Fire: a Great Axe that scales with Faith - Between
    • Magic: a Polesword that scales with Agility - Scalpel
    • Lightning: a fist that scales with Strength. - Lithic Rising

The Keeper is the only boss the player will meet in Lords of the Fallen's Ancient Labyrinth DLC. He is situated in the centre of the Ancient Labyrinth. He is the final Rhogar Lord.

First thing to know, the Keeper is a kind of lich so he mainly uses magic.
If you searched well the labyrinth you should have 3/4 consecrated armor, wich alone gives you 30 all resistances.
I higly recommend to wear it, and to maximise magic resistance on shield and the last piece of armor.

The Keeper is different from previous boss in the way that you aim to destruct his barrier and not his life ( books barrier ! wisdom is power ! ).
There is a punishing nova skill which insta kills you if you drop his shield to 0% so you must stop attacking when reaching ~ 5-10% on his magic shield.
At this shield level the Keeper will stops its normal attack, summon a bookcase and start to siphon books from it to resplenish its shield.
So the trick is to put yourself between the Keeper and its bookcase as soon as you see its appearance ( there is at least 5 secs before the spell ) with you shield up and facing the bookcase. If done correctly you will take 0 damage and the Keeper won't regain any shield.
When ths siphonning is done, the Keeper will loose its 5-10% shield remaining and start to cast a nova in revenge, so you must hide behind the bookcase as soon as its looses his remaining shield. This way you will not die and the Keeper will loose 1/4 of his life but also regain its full barrier.
Repeat this two other times and when the Keeper will reach 1/4 remaining life it will stop beeing a boring book casters and come to you as a normal fighter. Make it bites the dust and enjoy ! :D

Keeper's attacks include :

-Ranged aiming books attack - 5-6 in a row - physical low damage
-Ranged straight bookcase attack - 8-9 in a row - physical low damage
-Lightning aiming bolt - one - medium damage
-Lightning circling mines - 3 circles aroung the Keeper - low damage
-Repulsing books shield - kick you away from the keeper - low damage but makes you fall
-Normal melee Keeper attack - melee damage - medium damage




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Video Strategy:

    • Anonymous

      26 Apr 2018 08:42  

      To anyone having trouble with this fight, because surely I had and I thought I have to do something in the labyrinth first before fighting him...attack the guy until his shield is almost down, then wait a bit, he will look around and then point into one direction. IMPORTANT NOW: Align your back with the place the Keeper pointed at, there will be a bookcase and by having your back to it, it means you are as close to it as possible. Now deal your final punch so that his shield goes down, immediately run to the bookcase and hide behind it. If you are anywhere but with your back to the bookcase with your last hit, you won't make it, no matter how low your equip burden. Maybe it's a bug, but at least for me it was this tight every time.

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