The Monk's Decipher DLC adds a small quest to early game that grants a valuable item for treasure hunters. The quest begins in the Keystone Monastery, on a sideroom near the area where you meet the Injured Monk. An NPC called "Mysterious Monk" wearing a mask will appear, and you will have an option to talk to him and assist him in finding the signs Antanas has left behind for others to follow into the Citadel.

The NPC will give you the trinket Guide of Antanas, which you must equip to complete the quest. Once equipped, head up towards the gate you opened near the Injured Monk and out into the bridge with the three infested enemies. After dealing with them, check the sides of the walls for faded runes that you can now interact with by pressing triangle. Activate the symbol and continue forward towards the area where you obtain the Gauntlet. Look to the sidewall of the stairs and activate a second rune, then a third on the other end of the gauntlet bridge.

Once you have activated all three runes, return to the monk and talk to him, you will be rewarded with the trinket Compass, which will create noises when you are near secret areas such as breakable walls or special chests.

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