The Plot

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My fellows: As much as i want, I cannot see Antanas our spiritual leader anymore. Proclaiming principles and honor, his influence seems limitless, and limits are what he needs. He is determined to fight until the end, and even if this battle is our fate, I cannot condone what he does. Our people just matter for him, not beings? Does he really heal them? I think not. Join me and share your doubts.
Location: In the Citadel. Up the double staircase in the first room on the left.


Point Three
My fellows: As much as I appreciate our common understanding that something needs to be done, I cannot fully support this manifest. Especially point three is questionable. How could the Rhogar help us restoring peace if they do not even talk to us? How could we be sure to use them for our cause? We all want to see Antanas gone. True. But more bloodshed is whoever's name? This cannot be the way.

Location: In the Citadel cellars.


Dirty Work
My friends: Perhaps we can make use of the Rhogar to win against Antanas. If we let them in, Antanas will fall and we will be able to rebuild on the ashes. We only need an individual who could pave the way for the Rhogar - and they would do the dirty work for us...

Location: In the Citadel cellars.

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