The Research

the_research-books_small.jpg Books

These books are not just a myth, Ingvar. They exist. I've seen them myself. Last week Antanas brought them to the monastery under cover of darkness and would not allow any of us to even touch them. He carried them to the Planetarium. These must be the scriptures we have spoken of so many times...the keys that unlock the portal to other worlds. This is good. We will be safe now.
Location: In the Citadel. After you confirm with the captain that the Rhogar are all dead.

the_research-purification_small.jpg Purification

Antanas is powerful beyond I have ever witnessed. He is determined to free this world of evil. He has succeeded in pulling demons out of the body of the possessed. Could it be the beginning of an end of evil
Location: In the Catacombs. Near graveyard entrance, behind the shortcut door.

the_research-doubt_small.jpg Doubts

Of course, it is a good thing when the evil is eliminated from a person. Evil is gone. But...what remains of the person is...different. We need to look closer, and personally, I don't know how to treat these people. They seem to behave normally. They walk, talk, but in some way they just seem...unreal.
Location: ??

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