The Sick

It is in me. And it is changing me. My skull... the bones are moving. Growing. It does not feel like a poison in my veins. More like liquid darkness. We have seen with others what happens next. Eyesight goes first. Then follows sanity. Brother Peter, Brother William and I won't let the disease take us. We will choose death before it chooses us.

The Sick is a Lore audiobook in Lords of The Fallen. This audiobook is part of the Infested collection. Finding these audiobooks gives the player insight into the game's story and lore, and is necessary for completing certain Trophies and Achievements.


The Sick Location

  • Found at the Keystone Citadel Tutorial. After the first enemy, go to the door to the left after going down the stairs. Continue right but don't go down the stairs. Remain on the small path. The lore item would be at the end of the path





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