The Stone of Divine Understanding

"This stone seems to show how to translate the language of the Rhogar." 

The Stone of Divine Understanding is a Quest Items item in Lords of the Fallen. Quest items are those that unlock special location




  • Usage

    Can be used to translate different runic inscriptions hidden throughout the Rhogar Realm (which there are a total of 5):

    • #1: In front of Yetka after giving you the Stone of Understanding
    • #2: Near a Crafter anvil in the Chamber of Lies, after pulling down one of the levers for acces to the Annihilator
    • #3: In the Eastern Antechamber on the second level, after you climb some stairs. It's next to a gate
    • #4: In the Tower of Wisdom, on the ground floor. They are under some stairs
    • #5: In the Sacred Halls, on the door to the left of where you met the Crippeled Rhogar

    After translating all of these inscriptions, you will be rewarded with 3500 EXP and 5 audionotes (25 EXP each) for each of the inscriptions you transcribed




  • Given by Yetka after escorting her to the Chamber of Lies (she will reside in the main Room)




  • ????




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