I have to confess that I have made a mistake. Yes, I have stolen something. Not out of necessity, but out of geed. I was not starving and I was not dying. I just wanted it, because... well, I wanted it. But is that enough to imprison me like that? They think of evil as an absolute. Anything evil is pure evil. But am I evil just for stealing?

Troublemaker is a Lore audiobook in Lords of The Fallen. This audiobook is part of the Tales of Old collection. Finding these audiobooks gives the player insight into the game's story and lore, and is necessary for completing certain Trophies and Achievements.


Troublemaker Location



Crafter's Pet  ♦  Kyle's Grave  ♦  Kyle's Sword  ♦  Sven's Hammer  ♦  Three Heroes  ♦  Troublemakers


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